2017-02-23 03:00:00
Why Flight Attendants Ask You to Raise Your Window

Some airlines have their flight attendants ask you and your fellow passengers to raise your window shades during take-off and landing. This isn’t about waking passengers up at the end of a red-eye or having all the shades up or down for the next ... »

2017-02-23 02:30:00
Remains of the Day: Second Windows 10 Update Coming

Microsoft has been steadily releasing beta previews of their upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 which is scheduled to arrive this spring, but they’ve just confirmed that there is indeed another significant update planned for later this year. ... »

2017-02-23 02:01:59
No, Poppy Seeds Probably Aren't Going to Make You Fail

Tales of poppy seed-covered foods being the cause of failed drug tests is a classic urban legend that’s been floating around since a certain episode of Seinfeld. While there may be some truth behind the myth, poppy seeds aren’t likely to ruin ... »

2017-02-23 01:30:00
This Tool Shows the Location of Structurally Deficient

Bridges are built to stand the test of time, but some bridges are designed better than others, or were built with longer lasting materials. If you’re wondering how safe the bridges in your area are, this web tool can tell you.Read more... ... »

2017-02-23 01:16:36
 Gizmodo Reminder: Amazon Treats Its Employees Like

 Gizmodo Reminder: Amazon Treats Its Employees Like Shit | Jezebel Kate Middleton Engagement Dress Designer Recalls Disastrous ‘Kate Effect’ | Deadspin Runner Gets Caught Cutting Half-Marathon Course, Covering Tracks By Bike | The ... »

2017-02-23 01:00:00
I'm Anant Agarwal, CEO of edX, and This Is How I Work

One of the indisputable virtues of the internet is the availability of free online courses that enable anyone to educate themselves. edX is one such outlet, founded by Harvard and MIT, and offers free, open source courses that are allowing people ... »