2016-07-28 04:00:00
The Momentum Inspired Desktop

Reader geeklibrarian’s desktop is inspired by Momentum, one of our favorite Chrome extensions , and it looks beautiful. Peaceful and calming, but informative at the same time. Here’s how to get the same look.Read more... ... »

2016-07-28 03:00:00
Brine Corn Before Grilling for Tender Ears and Tons of

Grilled corn is a summertime staple, and a quick bath in a brine—just salt and water—before it hits the grill can vastly improve its texture and flavor, which is saying a lot, since grilled corn is already delicious.Read more... ... »

2016-07-28 02:30:00
Remains of the Day: Microsoft to Fix Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is working to fix some Surface Pro 3 tablets that have been plagued with extremely short battery lives. The good news, though, is that they should be able to fix it with a software update.Read more... ... »

2016-07-28 02:00:00
The Best Way to Remove a Leech and Treat the Wound

Leeches, those slimy, blood-sucking nightmare creatures, can be found in ponds, swamps, marshes, and lakes all over the world. Here’s what to do if one latches onto you, and how to treat the wound afterward.Read more... ... »

2016-07-28 01:30:00
Plan Worthwhile Day Trips by Minding Your Travel Time

Day trips are the perfect way to travel on a budget and explore your own backyard. This simple rule of thumb will make sure they always turn out to be invigorating, fulfilling experiences, not draining ventures.Read more... ... »

2016-07-28 01:25:56
Why Apple needs to liberate iOS - VentureBeat

Why Apple needs to liberate iOSVentureBeatIf Apple made iOS available on other phones, it would not only multiply the markets for its service businesses but would also allow the devices to become a platform for all sorts of new products and ... »